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Balloons and the Environment

We care deeply for Qatar’s environment and are committed members of the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance (PEBA).
As members of PEBA, we are committed to the responsible use and disposal of balloons. Where possible, we try to stock the highest quality balloons available, especially 100% latex biodegradable balloons. Unfortunately many balloon accessories and party products are not biodegradable, such as balloon sticks, among other things. We urge you to dispose your waste responsibly and recycle where possible.
Latex Balloons
Latex balloons are not plastic. They are a plant-based product, made from natural rubber harvested from Rubber Tree Plantations which are a renewable resource. As latex balloons are made from natural rubber, they do breakdown. However, when balloons become litter, they don't degrade sufficiently or quickly enough to prevent posing a risk or harm to wildlife.
Some people are allergic to natural latex rubber. Products containing latex rubber may cause allergic reactions.
Foil & Plastic Bubble Balloons
We sell good quality latex balloons, foil balloons and plastic bubble balloons. However, only latex balloons are biodegradable. Foil balloons are made of man-made materials such as nylon with aluminum coating. These materials do not decompose easily or quickly. However, foil balloons can be reused or recycled. Dispose foil balloons by cutting them open to release helium and then discard in a trash or recycling container if available.
Safe Balloon Practices 
Safe Balloon Practices
Haflaty Store is committed to the responsible use of balloons. Please do not release your balloons in the air once you have finished with them. We encourage you to responsibly dispose your balloons after your event. Please remember to deflate and cut latex balloons and remove all ribbon and additional materials before discarding them. We urge our customers and other members of our community to share our commitment by not releasing balloons into the environment. When handling balloons, always remember:
  • Never release balloons into the atmosphere.
  • Never inhale helium gas.
  • Always use a balloon pump to inflate your balloons.
  • Always secure helium-filled balloons with a weight. Keep balloons on the ground.
  • Always dispose balloons properly when you're done.
  • Always keep children safe when playing with balloons. Children can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision required. Keep uninflated balloons from children. Discard broken balloons at once. 

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